Judgement Day?

Is today judgement day?  Because today seems like a very judgey day.

  • NO, you don’t have to repeat yourself five times, I heard you.
  • Really, did you have to hit below the belt today.
  • You know I can count right?
  • Yes, I’ve been a cashier for two years at this (insert name of company I work for here)
  • If you wanted some you know you’re welcomed to it.  We share almost everything.
  • But you know it’s my stuff right?  If you have a problem with the way I keep my stuff don’t use it.
  • No really I was busy with my math homework and just couldn’t shoot the breeze with you.
  • No why do you know my name out of 200 interchangeable employees?
  • I know what mandatory is
  • I know I tested you for a transmitted sexually disease but really get off me like I’m suppose to be Mrs. Obama
  • You know you’re right maybe I should try to work for the state but I guess they didn’t get the 20 resumes I sent for the last 20 jobs I applied for.
  • Yes, I’m working my second degree and I know this is (the name if the store I work at)

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