My Grandparents

Up into October I had both sets of grandparents though I only communicated with on set.  I could have went out of my way to let my paternal grandparents know that I was still here.  That I still matter and that their 16 year old son had had a baby that’s now almost thirty.

Today is a sad day and for the most part I believe I am part to blame, at least I blamed myself the most.  My grandparents were suppose to come down for 4th of July weekend, until my grandfather changed his mind.  My mother called me up and asked me ask him to come.  I did and they’e still not coming.  I offered to even come and pick them up (that might not be the bst option for anyone).  They still turned me down.  And yes, I feel like I could have laid on the tears but I didn’t.  I just gave up.

And I want them to come because my mother, brother, and auntie want them to come.  I’m not going to have too much time to spend with them because I am working.


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