38 hours and Counting

This is the first and probably last week that I worked 40 hours at a job.  Tomorrow will make forty hours this week.  I see now why there aren’t but two full-time cashiers, no one in their right mind could function as a cashier for 40 hours.  I am exhausted and looking forward to doing something more than sleeping and working.

A customer called my co worker a crack head B—-h.  Which is crazy because this girl is one of the sweetest cashiers I’ve ever worked with.  She has an even temper ninety percent of the time.  The customer had to be ushered out the store and they called the cashier into the office, like she did something wrong.  I wanted to talk to her, maybe consol her but I it just didn’t seem right.

Coming Up:

  • figuring out money woes
  • planning my own Harry Potter marathon
  • looking forward to purchasing food I want to eat.  They have a great sale on diet dr. pepper.  I want to purchase fancy popcorn for my marathon.  More pancakes and creamer too.
  • I feel if I can get through July I can make it to the home stretch

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