Where the Exes Meet

I work at a place where there is a lot of traffic and I am often at the door or on a register.  I’ve seen lots of people.  I see people I’ve gone to Georgia State University with, people from Strayer, past clients, old coworkers, people I have sat on state committees with, and people who work at other places throughout Atlanta.  With all that said I never thought I would see my ex-boyfriend’s ex girlfriends.  Thank goodness I haven’t seen his wife in my place of work.

A little back story is needed.  He’s the only person I have dated, or been on a date with.  My first boyfriend and the only one I have ever had.  And seeing his exes wouldn’t bother me if I didn’t have such an unpleasant interactions with them.

The first one is a lesbian, so why would she even be bothered with caring about him.  I’m the girl he dated after her.  But come on you’re a lesbian, next time you have an issue when coming through my line stare at my huge boobs.

The second girl, is the girlfriend after me.  She was holding a conversation.  We were never really friends.  I met her like once.  She’s a friend of a friend.  And she asked me about a job.  Girl, I cannot give you a recommendation because I do not know you.

People if you ever see me at work ignore me.  Just have me melt into the wall.


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