Day 1: Singlehood

I’m not in a relationship and I have only been in one relationship.  NOW that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I will talk about singlehood.  It’s only depressing when I realize ho old I am and that my most of my friends are married with children.  All the other times it’s ok.

I’m not wild or anything.  I like not worrying about someone else’s feelings when I do things.  But it would be nice to constantly have someone by my side.

I’m not looking for a night in shining armor, but I’d take on if I could.  Girls, just don’t get rescued.  Girls have to rescue themselves.  Someone girls have to rescue themselves and save the village.

I know I want someone kind and thoughtful.  Someone who is not afraid to challenge me when I’m wrong.  Someone who is strong, because I feel I’m a strong person.  I feel I can stand the front lines of a battle.

I’m suppose to be talking about singlehood, and all I seem to be talking about is a man. LOL.  Yes, I don’t need one but I would like one.


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