Day 2: Thirty Interesting Facts

  1. I use to be fearless
  2. I try to be perfect, but seem to fall constantly short, every
  3. I’m currently obsessed with the Hunger Games.
  4. I have book boyfriends. (giggles)
  5.  My art journaling has
    suffered since I’ve gotten laid off.
  6. Sharpie pens are my favorite thing to write with
  7. I have dreamed about living in New York, Paris, Portland,
    and Japan but I’m afraid to make that leap
  8. I always dreamed of running a magazine
  9. I’m an awkward adult
  10. I collect journals, notebooks, anything to write in
  11. I’d like to own a quirky store (like paper-source)
  12. I don’t like candy, but bring on the cakes, cookies, and ice
  13. I am developing my fling with apple products into a
    relationship (I own an IPAD and an IPhone)
  14. I am forever an INFP
  15. I don’t like to eat my own cooking
  16. I’m going blind from an eye disease
  17. My dream is to have two brunches a week with my fabulous
  18. People have called me narcasstic and selfish after reading
    my blog
  19. I want a huge wedding with a sparkling white dress
  20. I want to feel comfortable being myself
  21. After I got laid off I use to plan my afternoons around All
    My Children
  22. I admire Michelle Obama for many reasons
  23. I’m finishing up my MPA, which I have no use for
  24. Reading people’s blogs are like reading their journals at
    time. I’m nosy, so I love it.
  25. I usually gather a committee before I make a decision on
    tough matters
  26. It takes me a while to warm up to people.
  27. Pink is still my favorite color
  28. I still like Hello Kitty and acquired more of her products
    since I’ve been out of high school
  29. True Religion jeans are first article of clothing I’ll
    obtain if I lose over 100 pounds
  30. I have ten missing teeth in the front of my mouth

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