Day 7: Family Relationships

My mom:  My mom and me had a rocky relationship in the past.  Now our relationship is super.  This is one good thing that came out of my lay-off.  I don’t think we would have had a relationship if I moved out.  She’s cool, controlling, and a Scorpio but we make it.

My biological father: He is not a person I really want to get to know.  I think that we are a lot alike.  We shut down when he experience extreme emotions.  I don’t think we could ever have a relationship, because he’s not the type of person I want in my life.  He’s all the salty qualities of me.

My brother: Since he was moved out, he has become a little bit more arrogant.  Our relationship has been at a standstill.  I don’t know if it’s because of me or what.  I remember the young guy who wanted to hang out with me and I didn’t want him around my friends.  I wish that guy who wanted to hang out with me was still there, but I think that ship has sailed.

My aunt:  She’s crazy but I love her.


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