Day 8: Favorite TV Shows

  • Against the Wall: I like this show because the main character is around my age and doesn’t have everything together.  She has her problems for example a job her family disapproves of and committment issues.  Abby also has qualities I admire, such as going toward her goals no matter what obstacles are in her way.
  • Pretty Little Liars. The dramatics of this show are so over the top I cannot help but love it.  The fashion is awesome and affordable.
  • Vampire Diaries. Damon is the good bad guy, that I love to hate but I love again.  Besides the sexiness of Damon, the show keeps moving.  I love the idea of a tragic romance.
  • True Blood.  The writing for this show is awesome, meaning that the conversations are real yet hilarious and there is an over all plot to the mini plots projected.  Who doesn’t love Jason Stackhouse?

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