Me Right Now 1/14/2012

  • loathing 4:30pm-1:30am shifts.  It’s the whole day and I always dread going in.  Kat Williams is going to have to get me through this shift.  we’re seeing a lot of GSU sports students, who are rude and jaded.  I just think to myself, if you only knew I’m a GSU alumni.  I guess it doesn’t matter, I should just focus on ringing them up and getting their smug butts out of my face.
  • My graduate research project
  • Getting the job that I really want and that is coming at the right time
  • My hair.  I need it done professionally
  • There is so much things I want to do creatively.  I know my time will dwindle soon, when I get a fulltime job.
  • Losing weight and planning meals.  I hope this works.  I am also planning to put the brakes on eating after 9pm.  I work late but I will have to work through the hunger aches.

2 responses to “Me Right Now 1/14/2012

  1. Hi Tashya, it’s actually just a coffee cup with the 2 Broke Girls’ sleeve 🙂

    I found the goals’ sheet on Pinterest. Here’s the link!

    PS – I’m loving your 30 before 30 list! Go get ’em!

  2. Thanks for your response.

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