Work Attire

Honestly I;m just a glorified cashier.  And yesterday a manager seemed to mildly attack my attire.  I was wearing the same shirt and pants that I always wear when she asked me if they told me about the dress code in the particular area I’m in.  I tried to let it roll off like beaded water on a car windshield but the conversation was prolonged and I felt judged.

I did two things.  The first thing I brought it up to our collective supervisor, whom said yes they would like us to dress up in this particular area.  But she assured me what I had on was fine.  Then I went online and got my job description and checked the store dress code.  Neither said anything about dressing up for this particular area of the store.

So now I feel all down and in the outs.  Because my appearance isn’t what I would like it to be.  I would like to get my hair done every week, which would total out to $180 a month.  As for my attire, how the hell do you dress up a navy blue collared shirt and khaki pants.  If you guys have any suggestions please comment or email me.


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