This Is Me Now

This me now.  I’m a gangsta. lol, who am I kidding I have always thought of myself as a gangsta.  It’s just now I have the wounds from life.

Age: 37 last time I posted I was 32.

Living arrangements:  Alone in a 600 sq apartment 40 minutes outside Atlanta.  Close to six flags and a couple of exits from Alabama.

Work: Case Manager. This job is one of the jobs I have gained the most skills from.  I’ve been broken at this job and mended through this job.

Love Life:  nonexistence.  Trying to find the one of the ones who will love me for me and I would love him for him.  I know they out there.  I just need one to find me.  I’m lovable yet messy.

Kids:  A baby that’s in heaven.