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Fancy, huh?


I want so much.  So much of this blog is about what I want.  I figure so why stop now.  This is a list about what I want:

  • a nice place of my own that is decorated fabously
  • a boyfriend whom I am serious with
  • a great job
  • parties
  • brunches
  • nice clothes
  • nicer shoes
  • slender bod


I am totally everywhere.  I keep thinking about where am I.  What am I doing?  My life is passing me by.

I’m 30. I’m not even thirty, I’m 31.  Eeek, I almost forgot.

Living at home working at the megacenter.  I don’t know how to move forward.  I am stuck!!!!  And I feel I suck.  I am sucking at life.  Moving out would make me feel better but I don’t make anything.  My checks are four hundred dollars no matter how long I work.


My little must have from Nordstrom.

Here’s October’s Goals

September Goals Met?

  • Lose 15 pounds. FAIL. I haven’t weighed myself.  I lost a little but not 15 pounds.
  • Read six books. FAIL. I only read one.
  • Apply to thirty job. FAIL.
  • Apply to three internships. FAIL
  • Do yoga/pilates everyday. FAIL.

October Goals:

  • Get windshield replaced
  • Buy mom’s cake
  • Keep up with school work
  • Read 7 books
  • Make Paula Dean’s Champane Cupcakes
  • Order my mom’s cake
  • Get a car payment up to date
  • Order Fefe’s cake
  • Get two Bibles

August is Gone, Now it’s Time For September Goals

August Goals:

  • Read at least five books – I only read four.
  • Start and finish my 100 people list- I only got to 25. Which sucks, I am trying to think hard about this.  Maybe too hard.
  • See The Help in theaters
  • Drop my PAD 505 class
  • Get a new phone (Hopefully an Iphone 4)

September Goals:

  • Lose 15 pounds.  I’m 260 right now. 😦
  • Read six books
  • Apply to thirty jobs
  • Apply to three internships
  • Do yoga/pilates everyday


Me Right Now

  • Trying to write two papers.  One more tedious than the next.
  • Dodging bill collectors.
  • Loving my new phone, even though I still call people by accident.  Thanks for understanding yall.
  • Excited about my two Smash books.  One is going to be for hopes, dreams, and wishes while the other is going to be devoted to my birthday/graduation planning.
  • Taking stock in what I need to do, versus what I want to do.
  • Trying to find more books to read.  I’ve started several but none can hold my attention.
  • I’m thinking about writing a essay on the Hunger Games.  It should be interesting.  If it happens, I will post it here.
  • Started watching the show October Roads on Hulu, because they suggested it.  It’s decent and surpassed my three episode ditch.

August Goals

  • Read at least five books
  • Start and finish my 100 people list
  • See The Help in theaters
  • Drop my PAD 505 class
  • Get a new phone (Hopefully an Iphone 4)