Fancy, huh?


I want so much.  So much of this blog is about what I want.  I figure so why stop now.  This is a list about what I want:

  • a nice place of my own that is decorated fabously
  • a boyfriend whom I am serious with
  • a great job
  • parties
  • brunches
  • nice clothes
  • nicer shoes
  • slender bod

Right NOW 6/24/2013

  • Slept until 1:48pm.  Can you say tired.
  • Looking forward to the book club meeting tonight.  Really looking forward to it.  Pizza, wine, and a great book.
  • Rice a roni. My bestie has tried to get me to make it for years.  I loved it.
  • Over the heat.  Fall where are you.
  • Looking forward to my after summer vacation.  Might have to take a mini vacation before then though.
  • Whiskey stones.  Interesting but can they come in another color.
  • Looking to make more money to do more things.

Me Right Now – 5/5/2013

Firstly, I miss my niece.  She moves a lot but I love her.

  • Digging: getting my room clean and Target
  • Drinking: cheap fruit punch
  • Eating: Cheese pizza
  • Listening: Glee. Can’t watch it
  • Wearing: yoga pants and four dollar JC Penney shirt
  • Reading: While We Were Watching Downton Abbey
  • Feeling: Like there are not enough hours in a day
  • Weather: raining hard
  • Wanting: more money
  • Needing: more money
  • Wishing: for a major life change

Current 2.24.13

listening to the Oscars and only looking up to see what people are wearing.

eating waffles

drinking guava juice

trying to stick to my goals

worrying that everything will not work out

needing another off day before Friday

missing the money I need to make

My Fantasy Profile

Name: If you don’t know it than it is what it is
Provenance: Seattle, Washington
Profession: Clinical Social Worker, author, and artist
Bon Fides: B.A. in Sociology concentrated in Gender and Sexuality from Georgia State University, Masters in Public Administration from Strayer University, and A Masters in Clinical Social Work from University of Georgia. Has written for Body and Soul, Bon Appettit, Glamour, Ebony, Jet Magazine, Marie Claire, The New York Times, Outside, Psychology Today, and the Journal.
Reading: Think Like a Man . . . by Steve Harvey
Dream subjects: Interviewing. I would love to interview JLo, Sarah Palin, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Miss Piggy, Chelsea Lately.
Dinner Party: We have a dinner club. Each month a different house. 12 members and 12 houses. I just made a lobster pot pie.

Scared . . .

Yes, I am scared.  I am scared of so much right now.

I’m scared of . . .

  • staying in mega debt for the rest of my life
  • not finding a guy (I’m not desperate because I’d rather die alone than be with a a-hole)
  • not ever having kids
  • having my options of kids taken away from me
  • being the old maid people invite to parities
  • not being able to do what I really want to do
  • being fat forever
  • becoming a pessimist
  • living with my mom for the rest of my life
  • never finding a job

Things That’s On My Mind


  • How am I going to finish my directed research project?  I need assistance of mega proportion.
  • I want to start my project life documentation project right now.  But I do not have any funds to fund this.  It will have to wait until next month.  I’m getting my binder and core kit.
  • Juice.  Who knew that grape juice with no sugar could be so good.
  • Glamour magazine has really gone untouched
  • Thai food and Vampire Diaries on Thursday with my aunt
  • Family dinners back on track
  • I am loving the show Revenge, it engulfed me.

Me Right Now

  • Trying to write two papers.  One more tedious than the next.
  • Dodging bill collectors.
  • Loving my new phone, even though I still call people by accident.  Thanks for understanding yall.
  • Excited about my two Smash books.  One is going to be for hopes, dreams, and wishes while the other is going to be devoted to my birthday/graduation planning.
  • Taking stock in what I need to do, versus what I want to do.
  • Trying to find more books to read.  I’ve started several but none can hold my attention.
  • I’m thinking about writing a essay on the Hunger Games.  It should be interesting.  If it happens, I will post it here.
  • Started watching the show October Roads on Hulu, because they suggested it.  It’s decent and surpassed my three episode ditch.

Life Questions

I’ve been wondering about things kn my life, especially know that k am turning thirty in less than a year. Like will I get a non customer service job? Will I ever move out of my mothers house? Will I ever feel like a “grown-up”? Will I ever get married?

38 hours and Counting

This is the first and probably last week that I worked 40 hours at a job.  Tomorrow will make forty hours this week.  I see now why there aren’t but two full-time cashiers, no one in their right mind could function as a cashier for 40 hours.  I am exhausted and looking forward to doing something more than sleeping and working.

A customer called my co worker a crack head B—-h.  Which is crazy because this girl is one of the sweetest cashiers I’ve ever worked with.  She has an even temper ninety percent of the time.  The customer had to be ushered out the store and they called the cashier into the office, like she did something wrong.  I wanted to talk to her, maybe consol her but I it just didn’t seem right.

Coming Up:

  • figuring out money woes
  • planning my own Harry Potter marathon
  • looking forward to purchasing food I want to eat.  They have a great sale on diet dr. pepper.  I want to purchase fancy popcorn for my marathon.  More pancakes and creamer too.
  • I feel if I can get through July I can make it to the home stretch