TV 2010 Fall Lineup

What I’m Watching This Fall!

I don’t have TIVO but I have Hulu and the net to catch up on my shows.


Desperate Housewives


Dancing with the Stars

Real Housewives of Atlanta




Teen Mom


Modern Family

Top Chef: Just Desserts


Vampire Diaries

Project Runway


Chelsea Lately

The Worl34d of Jenks

R.I.P Ugly Betty

I cannot believe they cancelled Ugly Betty.  Yes, the show wasn’t the best in the third season.  But this season they came out with it.   The writing was fresh and Betty received a makeover.  The show moved to New York.  I loved this season.  I cannot believe ABC killed it by putting it on Friday nights.  It would have been hot with the new line up of shows.  If we want to talk about getting rid of shows, fire those girls on Grey’s Anatomy.

My 15 Top TV Shows

  1. Greek.  Oh, How I love sorority life.
  2. All My Children.  I love the drama.
  3. The Biggest Loser.  Gives me motivation.  I wanna lose weight and it helps me along the way.  Juillian and Bob are the best.
  4. Degrassi.  Because it goes there.
  5. Gilmore Girls.
  6. The City. It’s the the new Hills.  Only it’s surpassing it.  Everyone knows Kristen is sinking the show.
  7. Being Erica.  She’s everything my life represents.  I’d totally be her BFF.
  8. Millionare Matchmaker.
  9. The Real Housewives of Atlanta.
  10. Tru Calling.  Why did they cancel this show?
  11. Half & Half
  12. Oprah.  Yes, she’s overrated but I’m so addicted to her.
  13. My Fair Wedding.
  14. Tots and Tiaras.
  15. The Cold Case Files.  I’m suddenly obsessed with serial killers.

Here’s What’s Going On Today

I want to dive into a hot bubble bath and go to bed.  I don’t feel miserable but I do feel fatigued.  I feel like I have been running all day and haven’t eaten, neither of which is true.  I have a interview at Wal-Mart but I don’t know how I am going to muster up the energy to work both jobs.  I don’t feel like I have a choice in the matter.  I want to save more money and get back to the positive side of my bank account.  I want an emergency fund and to move out. I want to pay off my car too.  Not to mention I want a DVR and new laptop for graduate school.  It’s a lot of wants and my needs out way them.  LOL.  It’s all about prioritizing. 

Greek is back next week.  I am almost tempted to take Monday off just to watch the marathon but we all know that would be wrong. I need to hold on to my time until I use it.


Work is boring today.  A couple of people came in, but besides that I am entering data into an online database.  Which is not beneath me, but I do more data entry and paper work than prevention work. LOL.  At least the air is on now!!! Yeah us.

Tonight is a major television night for me.  Gossip Girl, The Hills (Finale), The Paper!!!!  I miss Greek but I will catch up on it later.

Gossip Girl Questions:

Did Serena really kill someone?  I think Sarah/George did it!!!  Hello SarahGeorge drugs people and things?

Jenny cannot be giving up her alter ego Little J?  Can she?

I am glad the original Queen B is back?  You rock Blair!!

The Hills

Is Spencer and Heidi that pathetic to still be spreading rumors about Lauren?  Get a LIfe!  No really get a life!

Lauren you can have more than one good friend at a time?

Lo don’t conform to be on the show?  We loved you before you became a regular!!

Audrina leave JustinBobby alone!!  Really he looks dirty.  Is the sex that good?

The Paper

Amanda don’t be scared to be you!  It got you editor of the paper didn’t it?

Adam I love you. 

Alex you are killing me.  What’s the real reason you dislike Amanda so much?  IS it because you looovvvveee her?  Because it translate on screen.

Monday Night TV


  • Rusty tried to get back with his girlfriend, but she had already moved on.
  • I am going to love the Cappie, Rebecca, and Caseyl long circle
  • Does Casey really want her ex back? Which ex?  (Gasp)
  • Who does not like Rebecca Logan?


  • Here are my top picks for the group: Nichole, Tiffane, and Carrie

The Hills

  • Brody knew he was LCs
  • LC get over Brody, Heidi, and Spencer
  • Spencer get off of Heidi’s dick, let her breathe
  • Heidi I hope you have grown up
  • Paris seemed like a wasted trip

Things I am Looking Forward To

  • End of reporting data for 2007.  Let it be over already
  • My friends baby shower this weekend
  • Definitely, Maybe Sunday morning with brunch
  • I am currently reading Orange Mint and Honey (which is really good)
  • Look forward to reviews on the order books I have read. because I will be posting reviews
  • Felicity Season 2 (This show makes me think for some reason.  I think I am a lot like Felicity even though she was a stalker for the first couple of episodes)
  • joining a kickball team in the spring
  • yoga class (TBA)
  • art class (TBA)

Mode, Mood, Whatever

My vacation joy is officially over and I did not stay up watching Heroes season one last night.  Hopefully Felicity (Disc 2 and 3) are in the mailbox.  I was not a fan of the show while it was on, but one day I was like I want to watch Felicity.  Hence I added on to my netflixs.  I think I am at the point that she was in the show, minus the two hot guys being after me. 

My room is a disaster area. 

Work.  Oh what can I say about work.  It’s ova.  Yes over (for those who did not get ova)  I am full speed ahead with graduate school and finding a new job.  I was going to focus all my energy on getting into school but I changed my mind.  I need to focus on both. 

I have been extremely tired lately.  I was not that tired in California or was I?  I did sleep over eight hours every-night. 

Looking forward to: Graduate school, moving, something new. New York, Europe, art