With great power comes great responsibility.  The super-center promoted me to a supervisor.  It’s more money which takes a little bit of weight off my shoulders but it’s a lot more responsibility.  I’m not going to lie, I feel like I am making mistakes at every turn.

But my faith is holding strong.  I can get through it.  I have a good set of people in front and behind me.



First 2013 can’t be like the past five years of my life.  I refuse to live in fear and enslaved in it. I’m going to be different.  Because if you want different outcomes then you have to do different things.


I am totally everywhere.  I keep thinking about where am I.  What am I doing?  My life is passing me by.

I’m 30. I’m not even thirty, I’m 31.  Eeek, I almost forgot.

Living at home working at the megacenter.  I don’t know how to move forward.  I am stuck!!!!  And I feel I suck.  I am sucking at life.  Moving out would make me feel better but I don’t make anything.  My checks are four hundred dollars no matter how long I work.

Me Right Now – 5/5/2013

Firstly, I miss my niece.  She moves a lot but I love her.

  • Digging: getting my room clean and Target
  • Drinking: cheap fruit punch
  • Eating: Cheese pizza
  • Listening: Glee. Can’t watch it
  • Wearing: yoga pants and four dollar JC Penney shirt
  • Reading: While We Were Watching Downton Abbey
  • Feeling: Like there are not enough hours in a day
  • Weather: raining hard
  • Wanting: more money
  • Needing: more money
  • Wishing: for a major life change


I made meatballs tonight and my mom and niece loved it.  It made me feel good that they loved and devoured them.  I was beginning to think that my cooking was terrible.  Guess not.

Now I can set forth and cook more things.


My little must have from Nordstrom.


I am trying something new.  No, blogging isn’t new for me.  But I haven’t been blogging constantly since I got laid off in 2009.  I’ve been in a funk and just existing  And I cannot do that anymore.  If I want a life, I have to go out and get one.

I have to be more than just my job.  I have to have more than just my job going on for me.  My job and Game of Thrones are keeping me fat and in the same place I’ve been for a while.  The starting line is behind me and I am at a steady pace.  I’m ready to enjoy this.